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Three Pillars of Security Culture

Three Pillars of Security Culture

Assoc. Prof. Juliusz Piwowarski, Ph.D.
University of Public and Individual Security APEIRON in Cracow, POLAND

The article presents a proposal for multidisciplinary scientific platform, as a basis for security studies. It includes not only the military but mostly non-military aspects of security. An emphasis is put on security culture, the main pivot of the “Security Dimensions” as a scientific journal, with three pillars of the security culture concept: mental and spiritual (individual dimension), legal and organizational (social dimension), material.
Article history
The article has been firstly published in “Security Dimensions” No 14, and is repeated as a manifest of scientific pivot of the journal;
J. Piwowarski, Three Pillars of Security Culture, “Security Dimensions. International and National Studies”, 2015, no 14, p. 10–16.

Key words
Security culture, security studies, multidisciplinary, pillars