Security Dimensions no. 12

Table of Contents

Statements and actions of the state in the field of political corruption elimination11-18PDF
Evaluation of the use of personal and property protection companies for ensuring safety in Poland19-28PDF
Combating terrorism. Classification of terrorist acts29-33PDF
Technology research of tactical personal protection clothing based on firefighters - rescuers34-46PDF
Short introduction to shale gas extraction and production in Poland47-68PDF
The problem of proper supervision of superiors over remunerating personal sources of information69-75PDF
Safety and danger during firefighter’s work76-85PDF
Police, soldier, firefighter in emergency: decision making method is special86-94PDF
Polish strategic thought in shaping security policy95-103PDF
Formation of expert institutions in Ukraine104-108PDF
Peculiarities of an inspection of a scene of an accident during investigations of crashes and accidents at railway transport according to the legislation of Ukraine109-116PDF
History of the formation and development institute of remedy information rights and freedoms and civil rights119-124PDF
Protection of information rights and freedoms. International legal aspects125-130PDF
War in the mind: posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after returning from the war zone133-140PDF
Concept of threats and national defense in the Japanese ideology and doctrine141-152PDF
Moral und Nomisma – einige Anmerkungen153-158PDF
Культура безопасности здоровья159-163PDF
Disciplinary liability: the content, principles and types164-168PDF
Safety culture in sporting activity171-177PDF
The influence of a training programme on the special physical fitness of ju-jitsu trainees178-186PDF
Humanity in modern warfare, empathy and jus in bello189-200PDF
The state security between geopolitical realism and historical tradition201-204PDF
Is terrorism perceived in security studies as an effective strategy?205-211PDF
Russian comprehensive approach toward Arctic Race212-234PDF
VII. Ročník Mezinárodní Vědecké Konference „Bezpečná Evropa 2014“ - conference report237-238PDF
Security Dimensions no. 121-239PDF