Security Dimensions no. 11

Table of Contents

Determination of firearms in the Polish law12-22PDF
The officers of Government Protection Bureau competences and abilities in terms of protecting people, facilities and equipment23-31PDF
Fire occurrence mapping for providing the risk analyses and fire investigation purposes32-42PDF
The local threats specification in the context of environment factors having an influence on a rescue worker during rescue actions43-51PDF
DSS model to support the fire equipment selection to fight the forest fires52-56PDF
Wildland fire risk management using GIS tools – case study57-63PDF
The role of public administration in extraordinary states64-70PDF
Analysis of public security system and its relations with the elements of the state security system71-77PDF
Analysis of legal status quo fight against traffiking in human beings in Slovakia79-88PDF
Analysis of legal-organizational solutions of the participation of non-governmental organizations of a rescue character in the crisis management89-99PDF
Possibility of establishing a separate property of premises as one of the legal warranty of social security100-105PDF
Use of criminalistics and forensic sciences at ensuring the population security106-114PDF
Linguistic communication in the perspective of political invective115-120PDF
Introduction to the theory of security122-131PDF
Insight into contemporary operational environment132-140PDF
Security dimensions of the current demographic problems142-161PDF
The continued transfer of Japanese security culture: from ancient to Modern Bushidō162-181PDF
Globalization processes and national identity versus sense of safety of person in the literature perspective182-190PDF
An analysis of the skiing accidents that happened on the slopes of the Kasprowy Wierch192-201PDF
Sport e politica nelle relazioni internazionali dell'Europa centro-orientale202-208PDF
Specific interaction of State Border Service of Ukraine for foreign law enforcement authorities210-215PDF
Analysis of the company security personnel216-219PDF
Rights of a person and a citizen as the main aspect of anthropological paradigm of law220-225PDF
Judicial experts: liability in judicial examination226-228PDF
Expert study. Analysis and synthesis of features derived from the expert experiment229-231PDF
Definition of conformity directed to expertise sites232-234PDF
Юго-Восточная Украина – гражданская война. Репортаж с места событий236-240PDF
Система управления Безопасностью информации - эффективное орудие политики информционной безопасности241-251PDF
Женщина телохранитель в охране VIP - персон253-259PDF
Self-Improvement & Security. Annual Conference in Cracow260-262PDF
Security Dimensions no. 111-262PDF